Sponsors for RMA UK

Sponsor  for RMA ReUnion 2014  Mark Timmins

Mark Timmins is a Partner of the award winning St. James’s Place Wealth Management, voted ‘Wealth Manager of the Year’ 2007, 2008 and 2010 by readers of the Daily Telegraph and ‘UK Wealth Manager of the year” 2012 by readers of the Financial Times and Investors Chronicle. Mark will be sponsoring the reunion meeting on 13th  September 2014.

Financial challenges facing medical professionals

As medical professionals, finding the time to manage our personal finances can be challenging. Have you had time to consider any of the following questions?

• Are your personal and business affairs set up in the most tax efficient way?

• When do you wish to retire, and will your NHS pension provide you with the income you deserve?

• Do you want to retire early or are you thinking about reducing your working hours or NHS commitments in the future?

• When was the last time you reviewed your personal financial planning arrangements?

We are delighted that our proud sponsor, Mark Timmins, who provides specialist advice to medical professionals, will be joining us at the reunion to complete a short presentation and answer your questions. To ask Mark either a question in confidence or an open enquiry to address during presentation please email: mark.timmins@sjp.co.uk

“What is an EiS and what are the benefits”

“How you can obtain 60% or 50% tax relief”
“What is the difference between a JISA and a CTF?”
“What is flexible pension drawdown?”
“How can I invest and mitigate taxation if I plan to become non UK resident in the future?”
The Partner represents only St. James’s Place Wealth Management plc (which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority) for the purpose of advising solely on the Group’s wealth management products and services, more details of which are set out on the Group’s website www.sjp.co.uk/products. The title ‘Partner’ is a marketing term used to describe St. James’s Place representatives.
St. James’s Place guarantees the suitability of the advice given by members of the St. James’s Place Partnership when recommending any of the wealth management products and services available from companies in the group.
For further details, please contact
Mark Timmins Dip PFS,  Partner Practice
St. James’s Place Wealth Management
M: 07834 230483
T: 01572 823500
F: 01572 823984
E: mark.timmins@sjpp.co.uk
W: http://www.marktimmins.com/

Mark Timmins Wealth Management Limited 5 Chapel Walk, Adderley Street Uppingham, LE15 9NE

Glorius Rajasthan

Folklore of heroism and romance resound from the formidable monuments that majestically stand to tell the tale of a bygone era.Mharo Desh

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The magic of vibrant Rajasthan – its rich heritage, colourful culture, exciting desert safaris, shining sand-dunes is amazing!Multicolour

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Rajasthan’s amazing variety lush forests and varied wildlife – makes it a destination nonpareil!Learn More

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Rajasthan is often portrayed as one vast open-air museum, with its relics so well preserved that it delights even the most skeptical traveler.

It is an incredible destination for the outdoor-tourist – take a safari on horses, camels, elephants or even in jeeps, with the Aravalis - India’s oldest mountain range as the backdrop. Feast your eyes on spectacular sand-dunes, take the tiger trail, or just watch the birds in the wetlands. You can also choose to pamper yourself in the lavish heritage properties. Rajasthan has something for everyone –  one just has to choose an activity appropriate to one’s temperament.

  • Rajasthan has a great history since its origin as state of “Rajputana.” It has been a state of known for bravery.
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History of Gallore State

Rajasthan was formed on 30 March 1949, when all erstwhile princely states ruled by Rajputs, known as Rajputana, merged into the Dominion of India. The only difference between erstwhile Rajputana and Rajasthan is that certain portions governed directly by the British Raj, in the former province of Ajmer-Merwara, were included. Portions lying geographically outside of Rajputana such as the Tonk state were given to Madhya Pradesh.

Rajasthan is home to many courageous heroes, admired for their courage, strength and determined struggles. A few popular heroes are Bappa Rawal, Rana Sangha, Pratap Singh and Prithviraj Chauhan.

  • Do you know some more names?
  • Your forefathers might be one or them or know some of them?
The magic of vibrant Rajasthan
 You need to see to believe its beauty
- its heritage, culture, safaris, sand dunes, lush forests and wildlife-makes it destination nonpareil.
- India’s oldest mountain range as the backdrop; feast your eyes on spectacular sand dunes, take the tiger trail, or just watch the birds in the wetlands.

 The history of Rajasthan is about 5000 years old and the mythological origin of this gigantic land is related to the famous myth of Ram, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. In the ancient period, Rajasthan was a part of different dynasties including the Mauryan Empire . The first batch of Aryans who came to India settled in the region of Dundhmer and the first inhabitants of this area were the Bhils and the Minas. The earliest Rajput dynasty that emerged around 700 AD was the Gurjara and Partiharas and since then Rajasthan was known as Rajputana (the land of the Rajputs). Soon, the Rajput clan gained supremacy and the Rajputs were divided into 36 royal clans and 21 dynasties. The armed conflicts and the struggle for supremacy among the Parmars, Chalukyas, and Chauhans resulted in a lot of bloodshed.

Interesting facts about the Thar Desert
  • It is the world’s 18th largest subtropical desert.
  • The Thar Desert is the most densely populated desert in the world, with a population density of 83 people per square km.
  • India exploded its first nuclear bomb  in the Thar Desert on May, 1974.
  • It is the biggest wool-producing area in India.
  • There are ten times more animals per person in Rajasthan than the national average.
In the medieval era, the major regions of the state such as Nagaur, Ajmer and Ranthambhore became a part of the Mughal empire, which was headed by Akbar. The most famous Rajput warriors of this era were Rana Uday Singh, his son Rana Pratap, Bhappa Rawal, Rana Kumbha and Prithviraj Chauhan. With the end of the Mughal regime in 1707, the Marathas gained supremacy and captured Ajmer in 1775. The Maratha ascendancy ended in the late 17th century with the arrival of British. The present state of Rajasthan was formed in 1956. The Aravalli Range forms a line across the state running roughly from Guru Peak (1,722 metres), near the town of Abu (Mount Abu) in the south-west, to the town of Khetri in the northeast. About three-fifths of the state lies northwest of this line, leaving two-fifths in the southeast. These are the two natural divisions of Rajasthan. The north-western tract is generally arid and unproductive, although its character shifts gradually from desert in the far west and north-west to comparatively fertile and habitable land toward the east. The area includes the Thar (The Great Indian) Desert. The name Thar is derived from t’hul, the general term for the region’s sand ridges.

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      • Date of formation: November 1, 1956
        Size: 342,239 sq km
        Population: 68,621,012 (census 2011)
        Capital: Jaipur
        Legislature: Unicameral 
        Population density: 165/sq km
        No. of districts: 33
        Lok Sabha seats: 25
        Judicature: Jodhpur High Court
        Languages: Hindi and Rajasthani
        Rivers: Beas, Chambal, Banas, Luni
        Minerals: Zinc, mica, copper, gypsum, silver, magnesite, petroleum
        Industries: Textiles, woollen, sugar, cement, glass, zinc smelters
        Airports: Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur
        Forests and national parks: Sariska Tiger Reserve, Keoladeo Ghana NP, Ranthambore NP, Dhawa WS
        Neighbouring states: East: Madhya Pradesh; North-east: Uttar Pradesh; North: Haryana and Punjab; West : Pakistan, South: Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh
        State animal: Chinkara
        Main crops: Mustard, jowar, bajra, maize, gram, wheat, cotton, millet

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I would like to extend a special thank you for your excellent support. Is has been a great experience. I love the annual RMA ReUnion meeting. It is excellent. Thank you for such a great time.
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Its incredible meeting all the friends , have fun and immerse in joyful cultural programme.
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The dances performed by the RMA members are fabulous.
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